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How We Do It.

Quality Craftmanship

Honesty. Integrity. Quality.

Honesty. Integrity. Quality.


  • Conception & Design
  • Building Plans, Drafting & Design
  • Windows, Siding & Trim
  • Civil Settlements
  • Boardwalks, Beach Walkovers & Decks
  • Storm, Mold, Water Damage Clean-Up
  • Additions & Remodels
  • Foundation & Pier Repairs
  • Full Service & Licensed Building Contractor
  • Unfinished, Lower Level Consultation

Honesty. Integrity. Quality.

Honesty. Integrity. Quality.

Honesty. Integrity. Quality.


We specialize in renovations, 

add-ons and remodels.

Dan Budd is a licensed general contractor in the state of Florida and on the islands of Sanibel & Captiva. 

As GC, he maintains control throughout the entire design and construction process to ensure that your project is completed to the highest quality standards.

 He manages all stages of your project - from the 

pre-design phase of a project, through construction to completion. 


Trusted, Island-Based Team

Honesty. Integrity. Quality.

Trusted, Island-Based Team


Wildseed Construction is a residential and commercial construction company that has been building and remodeling here on Sanibel & Captiva islands for nearly 20 years.  We are an island-based company, serving Sanibel & Captiva islands exclusively.

We have strong alliances with local property owners, architects, structural engineers and specialized tradesmen.

Our Team


Daniel Budd

An industrial engineer from  Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Dan is experienced and educated to care for all of your project needs, from start to finish.  Dan hails from Hacketstown, NJ.  He moved to Sanibel Island in 1998 and started Wildseed Construction, LLC, serving Sanibel & Captiva Islands exclusively.


Bridgit Budd

Majoring in Business Administration from Simmons College, Bridgit handles all of the marketing and social media for Wildseed Construction. She moved to Sanibel Island in 2003, which is when she met Dan.


Kate Stone

Kate is a Florida State graduate, specializing in the real estate and housing market trends. She joined the Wildseed Construction team in 2017.



Adrian, Wildseed's Mascot, was born on Sanibel Island in 2010. He serves in Stress Management and Permit Negotiations.


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